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Hubics merger between Asset Management and IT solutions

Hubics is the result of a close collaboration between a European Asset Manager and a software company that have built a Business Intelligence tool initially dedicated to financial KPIs. The synergie between those two industries created a brand new software, Hubics, dedicated to the Real Estate and Loan management industry.

Hubics is providing the capacity to gather all key data points in a single location to consolidate all the information you need to take decision or design strategies. The key process of Hubics is the automation of the data controls, pushing automatically exception reports towards data providers, increasing the company efficiency and accuracy of the information.

Cloud Security Validation BI

Cloud Power

Accessible from anywhere in a secured way.

Data Security

Architecture based 100% on Microsoft secured platform.


Runs automated controls & generates exception reports.


Easy access to the data, flexible reports & multi-dimension analysis.

Corporate Real Estate

Real Estate Investments

Non Performing Loans

Hubics can provide a consolidated view of large Real Estate portfolio owned or leased where the company is operating;

The reporting output can start from a simple financial dashboard to a full leasing monitoring capacity;

Hubics will deliver the opportunity to anticipate key decisions and control the efficiency of real estate strategies.

Hubics can provide efficient reporting capacity of large Real Estate investments for Fund, Portfolio, Asset or Property Managers;

The reporting output could cover the monitoring of Leasing Activity, Operating Expenses, Capex Management, Business Plans, Valuations, Disposals, Financing and Investment Results;

Hubics will bring accurate information for the decision making process at each level of the value chain of the investment.

Hubics offers to Financial Institutions or Investors the capacity to access a consolidated view of large loan porfolio;

The tool will be able to validate and standardise the information from the claim, the collaterals to the litigation activity, giving the capacity to deliver workout strategies or pricing/valuations estimates;

Hubics could be set-up for due diligence or portfolio management activity.


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